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All suffering soon to end!*

It was cold this morning as I made my up rue Eddy (a.k.a.Eddy St.).  Eddy runs north-south through a very gritty and almost completely French quarter ofHull,Quebec.  I had my head mostly down to keep the cold wind from taking my breath away, when I noticed a women walking toward me bundled in a long brown parka.  I was taken by surprise when she greeted me in English with a “Good Morning, how are you?”  The default setting in this neighbourhood is always français. 

I assumed that she was lost and was getting ready to ask me for directions.  That is when she asked if she could give me some reading material.  She told me that, “god had great things in store for us!” 

At that moment, it occurred to me that here we were: two women alone on a street corner in the middle of winter each one thinking the other is lost.  How cool is that!

*”All suffering soon to end!” is the title of the info pamphlet she gave me. This morning, it is a message that I find very appealing.

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