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Peace, love and rhubarb cobbler

On these pages : music, ideas, images and even recipes that I hope you find interesting and useful. Feel free to let me know what you think.  Beth
Beth Cahill is a musical raconteuse with quirky tales to tell. She has found her own, true voice – it can be intimate, explosive, soothing or even forlorn. Her style rises from the broad roots of a cultural tree that spreads its leafy branches high above her Illinois Celtic-ness. It leans casually up against an Americana-esque array of blues, jazz and other traditional influences to come to gracefully rest alongside the river that flows past her Québec home. Music, food and family are her daily bread. This fortunate combination leads to some delectable, ear-fattening delights that are – perhaps amazingly in this modern world – good for you!

Last Post for Real Women Real Songs Project

Check out all the crickets in the background….

A long way from wish you were here

I am way behind in my postings. Supposedly someone has been trying to hack into my site hmm….

Sketches from the heart

So I ended up stretching this latest RealWomenRealSongs over two weeks. The initial prompt was write something from the heart. I found it difficult. I have been really busy with life stuff:  end of year school things for the kids, husband out of town yada yada yadya …I ended up posting something but was really disappointed. Nothing […]

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