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Musings on Penelope

The prompt is pillow Another rosy fingered dawn, Barefoot again on the manicured lawn She holds it down, always where she’s supposed to be Perfectly cast in his Odyssey CH. She pours her heart out searching for who she used to be Head never touches a pillow Every night, every thread unraveled, unraveled All part […]

Some more recent RealWomenRealSongs – The prompt was Closet

Just a bit of context…The prompt that week was closet. Western Canada and Northern Ontario were burning. The sun was red as it sets in in Quebec from the wild fire haze. I was also reading The Overstory by Richard Powers, an achingly beautiful novel about trees.

Red Cedar

Cloud of smoke, flash of water
Red cedar falls deep in the forest
Cloud of smoke, flash of water
Red cedar falls deep in the forest

Overstory sways to the wind – Fifteen hundred years of listening
Low frequency sacred whispering

Cloud of smoke, flash of water
Red cedar falls deep in the forest
Cloud of smoke, flash of water
Red cedar falls verse or chorus

Dark green river traced to its source – Cinnamon red unreserved remorse
Squamish grey sky touch the canopy

Lost to the ages …

Cloud of smoke, flash of water …

Anything Rhymes @ the Texas Music Cafe

Beth on Tenor Guitar, Annie Benjamin (vox), Graham Duncan, Mike Gallente, and Brian Aldsworth on Bass. Live at at the Texas Music Cafe in Waco.

National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Concert

The Malvinas are very proud to present a concert in conjunction with The NEA Big Read! November 6 The Taconic Regional Office Auditorium Staatsburg, NY

Lyrics for Crow

When crow makes a mistake There is no mercy, no second chance The vultures will circle and wait Black velvet between the yellow lines Black velvet between the yellow lines When crow makes a mistake The flight of swallows all snicker and gasp To whom much is given there is much to take In a […]

God Bless the Grass – The Malvinas Have a New Record

God Bless the Grass is available! Check it out at Soona Songs

Last Post for Real Women Real Songs Project

Check out all the crickets in the background….

A long way from wish you were here

I am way behind in my postings. Supposedly someone has been trying to hack into my site hmm….

Sketches from the heart

So I ended up stretching this latest RealWomenRealSongs over two weeks. The initial prompt was write something from the heart. I found it difficult. I have been really busy with life stuff:  end of year school things for the kids, husband out of town yada yada yadya …I ended up posting something but was really disappointed. Nothing […]

The tree of disbelief

This is a trippy open tuning idea that I have been exploring. I find this time of year really evocative. It brings back the past in good ways. I have always loved the change of seasons. It appeals to my fundamentally restless nature. Peace, love and daffodils, Beth   Tree of Disbelief – Beth Cahill […]

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