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National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Concert

The Malvinas are very proud to present a concert in conjunction with The NEA Big Read! November 6 The Taconic Regional Office Auditorium Staatsburg, NY

Lyrics for Crow

When crow makes a mistake There is no mercy, no second chance The vultures will circle and wait Black velvet between the yellow lines Black velvet between the yellow lines When crow makes a mistake The flight of swallows all snicker and gasp To whom much is given there is much to take In a […]

God Bless the Grass – The Malvinas Have a New Record

God Bless the Grass is available! Check it out at Soona Songs

Last Post for Real Women Real Songs Project

Check out all the crickets in the background….

A long way from wish you were here

I am way behind in my postings. Supposedly someone has been trying to hack into my site hmm….

Sketches from the heart

So I ended up stretching this latest RealWomenRealSongs over two weeks. The initial prompt was write something from the heart. I found it difficult. I have been really busy with life stuff:  end of year school things for the kids, husband out of town yada yada yadya …I ended up posting something but was really disappointed. Nothing […]

The tree of disbelief

This is a trippy open tuning idea that I have been exploring. I find this time of year really evocative. It brings back the past in good ways. I have always loved the change of seasons. It appeals to my fundamentally restless nature. Peace, love and daffodils, Beth   Tree of Disbelief – Beth Cahill […]

Lee Ritenour meets Bookends

It has been another crazy week. As I am writing this, it is early saturday evening. I have just put three really tired children to bed and I am basking in how still and quiet this spring evening is. Sun is still up – barely. I wish there were more hours in the day. This […]


 Here is the latest RWRS post. Your Shoes House next door, foreign war Little girl in her bed sleeping Troubled moon, missing you Nothing new but my turn to manage I tried to walk in your shoes but I fell down — I fell down My pride said I’d do better than you — but […]

Regret in open tuning

We just got hit again with a pretty awful storm – snow/mixed with freezing rain, all tied up with -10 degree wind chill, bow. It is April for Christ sake. This winter has been relentless. I am afraid that all this weather has worked its way into this tune. Lyric – Regret in open tuning Creaking […]

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