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Sketches from the heart

So I ended up stretching this latest RealWomenRealSongs over two weeks. The initial prompt was write something from the heart. I found it difficult. I have been really busy with life stuff:  end of year school things for the kids, husband out of town yada yada yadya …I ended up posting something but was really disappointed. Nothing felt like it was coming together.

The Following week the prompt was write about a special place. This special place prompt helped me focus on what I was trying to say in the previous song. It also gave me another week to kick around some melodic ideas for the verse.

So here are the lyric for first song From the Heart

Everything will be OK
River is still
Wind blows warm

Feels better
End of the day
Count backwards 9 to 1

Daffodils on a rainy day
Make believe that you’re here to stay
Light candles and cut the cake
Sing aye …

Thoughts turn to grey
Wishes laid out
On the floor

Water never far away
Memories are just polished stones


And this is Special place…

Elm tree, skinned knee, magic land, the sidewalk ends
Fir tree hide from the rain

Springtime, baseline, call the pitch a ball a strike
TV through the window pane

Ch. Daffodils on a rainy day
Make believe that you’re here to stay
Light the candles, cut the cake
Singing aye aye

Warm breeze, cold breeze, never know which way the wind will low
Siren sounds the weather change

Head strong, bird song every storm turns into morning
Cloudbursts on the garden gate

Elm tree, skinned knee, magic land the sidewalk ends
The sidewalk ends, where the sidewalk ends…

It was an interesting process for me. The big take away … it may take some time to understand what the song is really about. I can not really finish it until I do.

Love and fresh mint,


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