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I have never been to Argentina

I am just putting that out there to the universe.

This week I posted a really raw new song for RealWomenRealSongs. My musings on the new Pope, the challenges facing many organized religions and how our expanding knowledge and ability to look deep into space and into the past is shaking everything up. As I was desperately trying to pull a song together, I realized that I am really fascinated with Argentina (its history and culture) and how totally foreign it feels to me.

Once again I ended up filling the song with my reality, images of northern winter landscapes. It is what I know but it made me long once again to explore more of this breathtakingly beautiful planet. Just putting it out there.

I have attached the most recent song – also another song I posted a few months back that has a bit of a bossa nova feel.

Song for Pope Francis

(week 28 determined)

Beth Cahill and Graham Duncan

Clouds standing still
windless mill on a frozen river

Bells ringing loud
church burns down in the snow

Sky turning grey
winter stays a cheap forever

Ghosts standing still
no free will no mistakes

What would make you cross over
Love, more determined than bricks and mortar

You give yourself a way, You gave yourself a way, You gave yourself away …

Names buried deep
hard to breathe in the frigid weather

Stars always clear
never near expanding space

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