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God Bless The Grass

“Over the years, we have watched The Malvinas evolve from already fine musicians into masters of their instruments and voices with an egoless passion channeled in service to the song. On their third album, God Bless the Grass, we hear musicians with something to say and the skill to deliver a message without losing the music’s […]

Songs for Sarah

Songs for Sarah

For every drop of sorrow there’s a miracle hiding somewhere… In some ways it is a dark lullaby. It is Beth’s newest recording in collaboration with longtime friend, producer and guitar god, Graham Duncan. Songs for Sarah is all about the future.

Love, hope and transportation

The Malvinas / Love, hope and transportation

Beth’s second release with group The Malvinas, who do a feisty blend of jazz, traditional and folk-pop. With roots all over North America, the Malvinas pull together a broad palette of regional colors including: the Blues-tinged grooves of the deep South, the spicy Cajun flavors of Louisiana, the Celtic modes of Eastern Canada and the libertarian troubadour tradition of the Lone Star State. Alternating lead vocalists, tight harmonies and quirky instrumentation (dobro, guitar, tenor guitar, mandolins and violin) create a high energy sound that never forgets that to make great music.

I’m not like this

The Malvinas / I'm not like this

Beth’s first album with quirky folk girl-group The Malvinas. A feisty blend of jazz, traditional and folk-pop.

Hitching to La Paz

Beth Cahill Hitching to La Paz

First let me say that there are better ways to get to the capital of Bolivia than to hitch a ride on an overloaded 18-wheeler. The nights at 16,000 feet are bitter, the air is thin and the road (when possible to make out) is marked with crucifixes… A collection of 11 original songs in a metaphor for a journey where I had become lost, in every sense of the word. I was able to find my way again – after running out of gas, taking several wrong turns, and getting stuck in some pretty serious ruts. I also discovered in the course of finding my way, that to get anywhere worth going, a certain amount of “wandering in the desert” is necessary.

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  • Songs for Sarah
  • The Malvinas / Love, hope and transportation
  • The Malvinas / I'm not like this
  • Beth Cahill Hitching to La Paz

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