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Lee Ritenour meets Bookends

It has been another crazy week. As I am writing this, it is early saturday evening. I have just put three really tired children to bed and I am basking in how still and quiet this spring evening is. Sun is still up – barely. I wish there were more hours in the day. This […]


 Here is the latest RWRS post. Your Shoes House next door, foreign war Little girl in her bed sleeping Troubled moon, missing you Nothing new but my turn to manage I tried to walk in your shoes but I fell down — I fell down My pride said I’d do better than you — but […]

Regret in open tuning

We just got hit again with a pretty awful storm – snow/mixed with freezing rain, all tied up with -10 degree wind chill, bow. It is April for Christ sake. This winter has been relentless. I am afraid that all this weather has worked its way into this tune. Lyric – Regret in open tuning Creaking […]

Moon in Leo

Obstinate was the prompt for week 29 on RealWomenRealSongs. This got me thinking in several different directions. Often being obstinate is a bad thing. You are over the top in your insistence that something should be a certain way. You’re way is the right way. And yet, there are times when you need to take […]

I have never been to Argentina

I am just putting that out there to the universe. This week I posted a really raw new song for RealWomenRealSongs. My musings on the new Pope, the challenges facing many organized religions and how our expanding knowledge and ability to look deep into space and into the past is shaking everything up. As I […]

Back From Toronto

I spent the weekend in Toronto at the international folk alliance conference. It happens every February. This year it was in Toronto. It is a really intense long weekend. Lots of musical performers and storyteller types. About the only thing we have in common is some sort of connection to “acoustic” music or storytelling (i.e. […]

Channelling Jack Hardy

I channelled Jack Hardy last night. An hour before I had to turn in my song writing assignment, I had nothing – I really mean nothing. I took a deep breath, sat myself down and wrote a four chord country and western song – sort of. I imagine the good father right now is sitting […]

Back from Tennessee!

Had a wonderful time in Tennessee! Wrote some songs, played some gigs and recorded some other tunes. It felt really good to spend a few days just making music. Graham, Kate and worked on a couple songs for Real Women Real Songs as Well!  

Online song writing collaboration

Just wanted to keep you posted about this online song writing collaboration that I am taking part in. It is been up and running for about six weeks now and it is really kicking my butt. Everyone who takes part has to write, perform and post a new song every week. There are some […]

Real Women Real Songs – Intro videos

Hi everyone, So the short intro videos are up! You are now able to view hellos from all 14 women who have signed on for – a song a week for the world to see  – collaboration. We start posting songs starting in September. I am excited about this project. I am interested in ways […]

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